The productivity challenge and the continuing focus on innovation

You’ve heard it all by now, and you’re probably sick of hearing it too, that adage of how talent pools need to develop that beautiful and intangible skill of innovation.

Not only is it now absolutely essential for employees to innovate, but they need to dance that fine line with maintaining productivity as well.

In fact, it is now common that the word “productivity” and “innovation” are said in the same exalted breath.

And when you throw in the concept of social business and collaboration, well, now that’s just ambitious!

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Managing people is a performance art…

Great article on HR Capitalist today.

The age old question of  building training for managers that stick and are relevant beyond induction.

Especially this teeny tiny bit of detail that tends to get assumed:

The conventional wisdom is to promote the best widget-maker into the widget-maker manager role.  Because she’s got the knowledge, skills and abilities to command the respect of the people she manages in the same function.”

True that…

Be a REAL leader – what we can learn from Pinocchio

Remember that story of Pinocchio and how he wanted to be a REAL boy?

Well, what about if we all took the initiative to be REAL leaders, and use our positional influence for good?

The idea came to me the other day when our team got together and decided that as people leaders, it was high time to do something nice for someone else in the organisation.

Someone  completely outside of the wider team, someone in an unrelated field perhaps. Hell, we could go out on a limb and even pick someone we don’t even usually work with!

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Breaking the ice

Here it is: the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, the start of a new journey.

My take, my musings, my adventures navigating through the minefields of growth and HR.

The quest to build a platform for exploring and discussing ‘T-shaped’ skills in relevant depth within HR

And growth really is an important skill that individuals tend to neglect, especially in the field of HR, AND especially now with the world constantly changing around us.

Perhaps I should seize upon this as an appropriate segue into my first daily topic, and that is HR for HR. Exactly why don’t HR practitioners do HR for ourselves well?

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