Breaking the ice

Here it is: the symbolic cutting of the ribbon, the start of a new journey.

My take, my musings, my adventures navigating through the minefields of growth and HR.

The quest to build a platform for exploring and discussing ‘T-shaped’ skills in relevant depth within HR

And growth really is an important skill that individuals tend to neglect, especially in the field of HR, AND especially now with the world constantly changing around us.

Perhaps I should seize upon this as an appropriate segue into my first daily topic, and that is HR for HR. Exactly why don’t HR practitioners do HR for ourselves well?

Perhaps that might be a subjective question in itself, but you have to admit that we hear the term HR for HR bandied around.

At least enough for it to be a reminder for HR practitioners that we DO have to practice what we preach. Odd thought that we would need a reminders, I mean, isn’t this our bread and butter?

Myself included, I’ve often found that it is easier to do more for the business, advocate and espouse best practices, and new ways of doing things, but neglect ourselves in the process.

Case in point being social media.

The rapid adoption of social media within businesses, and the growth of social in business means that HR should be jumping on the bandwagon.

Especially with skills like “cross enterprise collaboration” being added to the ever expanding list of desired best practice organisational capabilities.

So does HR really go “social”? Well perhaps not so much so, as shown in this blog by Deloitte.

Perhaps for now, I’ll commit to using this blog as my own reminder to be social, and practice what I preach.

As Seth Godin, author of  Small is the New Big says in his own blog, “In a world where we can chart our own course, you could figure out a path that gets you in to the Hall of Fame you care about. Not tomorrow perhaps, but, drip by drip, over a career.”


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