Making change stick through culture

I love infographics. I really do!

And I’m not just talking about the pretty colours either mind you.

In this time poor world of ours, it’s a quick snapshot on a subject matter, delivered in a concise manner.

Now why can’t all communication be like that!

2014-02-04 15_41_07-www.boozThe infographic shown here, courtesy of Booz & Co, talks about the “sticky-ness” of change, and how culture plays a huge part in embedding change.

Out of all the “traditional pillars” of Organisational Development, employee culture can arguably seen as the most formless.

After all, people are all different right? And when you mash a whole bunch of different people together in different organisational  settings, well, that could create just about any type of group/team/organisational culture.

One thing is for certain though, if you do not have the support of the people, change initiatives just doesn’t stick.

The key I find prior to even going down the path of fanciful change frameworks, is getting to the crux of the employee culture.

For example:

  • Have they traditionally been supporters of change or do they see it as just another thing that management has come up with?
  • What makes them excited and gets them going?
  • What actually do they need to feel involved in the change?
  • What are the possible negative behaviours that could result from any perceived uncertainty?

Find those levers and work with them, and you’re on the way to then getting the foundations right.



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