How Mean Bosses Make You a Better Boss

Someone once said to me that one of their life philosophies is that “When life throws a mean boss your way, it means that you have more to learn… about being the exact opposite.”

I thought that was an interesting thought, and it was reaffirmed in a recent LinkedIn Influencer article by Naomi Simpson.

In the article, Naomi talks about how the curve ball of having a mean boss 25 years ago, helped her become a better boss herself, based on 4 workplace principles:

  • I believe that everyone deserves to have a great day at work.
  • I believe that if people know what they are there to do, if someone notices and they go home feeling like a winner, then they are likely to play full out.
  • I believe that appreciation is the simplest and most effective way of valuing the contribution made by an individual.
  • I believe that what gets noticed gets repeated.

How easy is it to be stuck in an evil cycle where one bad deed gets inculcated and replayed in the next generation of managers. And why? Well, it worked for those previous bad managers didn’t it? They got away with it!

I firmly believe that people have a right to go home from work feeling the way they started the day.

So are we not perpetuating bad behaviours if we fail to lead well, but instead, manage by positional authority?

Make the right choice. Lead by example, not by blind authority.





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